The Art of Inclusivity


posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Are you getting excited about Cedar Valley Pridefest? Can’t wait to attend? Well there’s something happening from August - September to tide you over until the festival begins: an art exhibit!

Throughout the summer Pridefest has been collecting entries for an art exhibit to be displayed during the festival. They encouraged artwork from the LGBTQ+ community or work that portrays LGBTQ+ themes or subject matter. Linday Buehler, the Arts & Culture Coordinator at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, told me that this year they had an ourpouring of entries: 57 in all; more than they've ever had before. All of the entries were reviewed by professional art faculty at Hawkeye and 15 of the 57 works have been selected to stay on display for the entirety of the exhibit. 

man in blue shirt scanning a piece of art with his eyes, other pieces are hung behind him

This Thursday, August 8th, the winners will be revealed and showcased in the Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center, for the first time, at a free opening reception. The entries selected by the jurors will all be on display and there will be a set of jurors remarks before Best in Show is awarded. The reception starts at 6 pm and is on the 3rd floor gallery at 120 Jefferson St. in Waterloo. Artists will be there to explain their work, tell their stories, and answer questions if they so choose. Light refreshements will be served.

painting of trans flag (5 stripes, the innermost one is white, flanked by two light pink stripes, and then those pink stripes are flanked by light blue stripes.), with words "may this radicalize you rather than lead you into despair" framed by roses, ranged the colors of the rainbow. has the image of a person in a black shirt and necklace holding a white candle that is lit and holding a bowl filled with multiple red triangular objects. the person has orange hair and white skin.

Above: Piece titled Three Hundred and Three by Stormy O'Brink selected for this year's show.

Buehler reiterated to me how important this show is to her. She said that this is the first year that Hawkeye has been a partner on the event and she wants everything to go perfectly. Buehler also said that she is excited to be using the gallery space in such an accessible building, right in downtown Waterloo. She told me that accessibility to art is something she is passionate about and she hopes that Hawkeye and Pridefest can continue to work together to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ art in the future.

This exhibit will be available to peruse from the reception opening, August 8, through September 6, during gallery hours. The gallery is open on Thursdays from noon-6pm and Fridays from 9am-4pm during the month of August, and September hours are still to be determined. The exhibit will also be open during the Saturday of Pridefest, August 24, from 12pm-4pm.

little girl in pink shirt gazing intently at a piece of art that is painted with rainbow colors

To learn more about Pridefest or order your tickets, visit their website. To find more things to do in the Cedar Valley check out our events calendar!

Micah McCutchan, Experience Waterloo

Photos: Lindsay Buehler, Mike Tyer, Chris Corkery

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