Women's History Month


posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Did you know? March is Women’s History Month! To celebrate, consider shopping & supporting these women powered establishments in Waterloo! They: were either founded by women, are currently led by women, are owned by women, or a combination of the 3. 

Food & Drink:

  • Rockets Bakery
  • Boujee Berries
    • The best spot for chocolate covered strawberries in the whole Cedar Valley!
  • Try Pie
    • A social enterprise (nonprofit!) that aims to empower local girls and also sells delicious pie! Co-founded & co-directed by Sarah Helleso and Megan Tensen. 
  • Macaroons by Sani
    • Brand new to downtown Waterloo and woman owned & run. 
  • Here’s What’s Poppin’
  • Ari’z
    • Founded by a woman and named for her daughter.

Clothes & Beauty:

Law & Banking:


  • Pretty Good Co.
    • Designs & printing by Annie Alvarado
  • Wanderlust Studio Market (In Evansdale)
    • Run by a woman, selling all woman-made products with an emphasis on repurposing, supporting the best woman, Mother Nature!
  • Petersen and Tietz 
    • A floral shop & greenhouse run by Heidi Tietz DeSilva. Been around for over 85 years!

Exercise & Community

  • Ananda Studio
    • Founded by a group of women, run by Kelsey Lane Hahn


If you are a woman who started or runs a business in Waterloo, or know there is some female history to a local Waterloo organization that we missed, please reach out to us! We want to share as many stories of Waterloo’s women as we possibly can. Happy Women’s History Month!

Written by: Micah McCutchan, Intern

Contact: [email protected]

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