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From Bach to Rock: Music in the Cedar Valley


posted on Friday, December 21, 2018

Bach to Rock_Records

Immerse yourself in this area’s musical past at “From Bach to Rock: Music in the Cedar Valley” on display at the Grout Museum of History and Science in Waterloo. Visitors will learn about the Cedar Valley music scene beginning in the early 20th century.

Explore the lively Irish jigs that would have been prevalent around St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Near St. Mary’s, a passer-by may have heard a waltz played on a zither, while around the Jewish Community on Fifth Street, one might have heard a somber violin melody.

See how the 1920s musical landscape exploded as Blues and Jazz clubs popped up, boosting a Mississippi Delta sound from the Colored Elks Clubs and the Tic Toc Lounge.

Bach to Rock_Dance

Cultures blended and produced different genres as the scene changed again in the 1940s when Big Bands took over Electric Park. Radio and television brought the Rock and Roll sound to this area in the 1950s with great local bands like Happy Jake and Band taking the stage at Spider Kurth’s. Plus, learn about the rich history of the Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony from past to present.

The exhibit also includes oral history interviews from some of Waterloo’s most recognizable musicians., Louis McTizic, Bonnie Koloc, Bob Shafer, and Donna Kelsen

The exhibit is on display through March 16, 2019 and is included with regular museum admission. For more information visit the Museum’s website:

- Jacquie Persson, Grout Museum District
- Photo Credit: Grout Museum District

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