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Dig a Decade of Irish Fest Fun in Waterloo


posted on Thursday, August 11, 2016

For those who attended Iowa Irish Fest last weekend, I’m sure you’ll join me in cheering the organizers, performers, competitors, vendors, and volunteers in their efforts. The event was AWESOME! 

Irish Dancers

While we typically have promoted events prior to them occurring (see my super strong bagpipe game from last year, we know that it's difficult to see everything that an event like Irish Fest can offer. Because of that, we wanted to show off what the festival offers, whether you were there last weekend or need reason to put it on your calendar for next year.

This year was the 10th Anniversary of Iowa Irish Fest, and it was amazing! The entertainment certainly did not disappoint. Gaelic Storm, Red Hot Chili Pipers, Screaming Orphans, Killdares and Elders, among others were incredible. The energy from the stage each evening kept the crowd moving. 

Irish Pope

I had the opportunity to help at the Fest again this year as a judge for the Irish Stew & Soda Bread Competition. The competitions are part of the cultural activities that featured displays about Irish culture and history, language classes and music. You’ve seen that I’m a fan of food, so getting to eat and judge the food is like a personal Christmas for me. I also volunteered at the Whisky (or Whiskey) Tasting Event. The tasting offers attendees the opportunity to try new and different types of whiskies, while getting information and guidance about what they’re sipping.

The Fest included two different athletic events – rugby and Highland Games. They’re incredibly fun to watch, but you’re certainly not going to see me in front of the camera next year trying to throw a caber or run up and down the pitch.

Lincoln Park

Iowa Irish Fest provides an amazing atmosphere and vibe. Whether you’re Irish or Irish for the weekend, you’ll be treated to great energy, a tremendous amount of fun, and delicious food and beverage. Iowa Irish Fest 2017 is August 4-6. Put it on your calendar, reserve your hotel room and you won’t be disappointed.

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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