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Dig Dining with a View at Galleria de Paco in Waterloo


posted on Thursday, February 16, 2017

As we showed you last February, Paco Rosic is an amazing artist. Painting the way he does, with all of the intricate detail, with spray paint, is an amazing talent. The art that made him famous, though, is the painting that covers the ceiling of his restaurant, Galleria de Paco.

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Paco spent a month in Rome, staring at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. When he returned home, he spent months with spray cans in hand, laying on scaffolding, recreating Michaelangelo’s masterpiece. He shared his process and highlighted how you can see, in the Sistine Chapel, where Michaelangelo started and stopped (the figures got larger as time went on). Paco actually started on the opposite end of the painting, and finished where Michaelangelo began.

Galleria de Paco has garnered worldwide attention because of the artwork. We have had people from Los Angeles walk into our office looking for the restaurant because they read about it in the Los Angeles Times. People from Europe have visited. Paco has appeared on numerous television programs. He told us people from Chicago drove 4 ½ hours to dine and they drove home that same evening.

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Over the years, Paco has taken over as the head chef of the restaurant, and the artwork has continued to the plates. Paco looks at plates as canvases and said he almost feels bad when people dig in to the food. He loves creating and has become an unbelievable chef.

While the atmosphere, because of the artwork, is extraordinary already, it is enhanced because Paco and his family are there every night. You get the chance to see him work and talk to him about the paintings and the food. And Paco’s dad Jacky, who is the host at Galleria de Paco, proudly tells the family’s story, talks about Paco’s talent and is incredibly interested in making sure your experience is unique and amazing.

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Galleria de Paco is one of Waterloo’s most recognizable attractions around the world, and worth the trip from wherever you’re traveling from.

Galleria de Paco & Catacomb Lounge
622 Commercial St
Hours: Tues-Sat 4:30-10pm

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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