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posted on Thursday, July 28, 2016

UPDATE: Waterloo Dek Hockey will kick-off their inaugural season on August 22.

DekHockey is 3-on-3 (plus goalie) ball hockey that is affiliated with the National DekHockey Association. With just a pair of shoes (any will do), a stick, gloves, helmet and shin guards, you’re ready to play.

DekHockey is played on a Sport Court type surface with a no-bounce ball. The thing that separates DekHockey from the street hockey you might have played growing up is that you’re playing on a regulation rink, complete with dasher boards. The rink is 100ft by 50ft, and there is no contact allowed.

DekHockey Rink

The organizers of Waterloo DekHockey also operate the very successful DekHockey leagues in the Quad Cities, and they have players from age 2 to almost 70. Teams will compete in men’s, women’s, kids’ and co-ed leagues, with a number of different levels of competition, based on skill of the team. In other areas, skill levels range from very beginner to teams made up of current NHL players.

DekHockey Joe

There are a couple of pieces of very interesting information that didn’t get included in this week’s episode. First, with DekHockey being new to the community, there will be rental equipment available for $1/piece. The equipment for youth will be loaned at no cost for the first “season” here in Waterloo. Patrik’s recommendation was that every member of the team try to play goalie at least once. He shared with me that some of the best goalies he’s seen are people who were very nervous and didn’t think they could play that position well. On the other hand, his first time in the net was wildly unsuccessful, and he played a decade of professional hockey.

DekHockey Patrik

The DekHockey season will begin Monday, August 22. In the meantime, there are several opportunities to check out the sport at Open Dek events. Follow Waterloo Dek Hockey on Facebook for information about those events.

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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