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Dig Off-Road Adventures at Riverview Recreation Area in Waterloo


posted on Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Christmas list now includes an ATV. Filming this week’s episode of Travel Waterloo was a blast, and quite a surprise. 

I’ve worked with the Trailblazers Off Road Club for a number of years, and I was familiar with their projects and with Riverview Recreation Area. I didn’t realize how unfamiliar I was with Riverview until we started driving around and through the park. Riverview is HUGE. From the parking lot, you don’t get a true perspective of just how much area is included. Riverview covers 200 acres, and as you make your way through, you feel as though you’re transported out of the city limits.

Riverview Recreation Area

Riverview features a variety of trails, including the perimeter trail, which covers four miles around the park. As you look at a map, or drive down the road, you don’t get the same perspective of exactly where you are in the community as you do on an ATV at Riverview. As we rode along the perimeter, right along the Cedar River, we looked left (east) and we were just across from Evansdale, and nearing Highway 20. You don’t get that perspective elsewhere in town of how the river travels and intersects the community.

Dirt Bike

Riverview has trails for ATVs and also some amazing trails for dirt bikes. We saw some riders, from about age 6 to middle-aged, using the various courses, practicing jumps and zipping around the park.

There’s a large area without trees in the middle of the park. The Trailblazers call that area “the football field”, but it is much larger than a football field. They’ve built an obstacle course for ATVs and motorcycles, and the grassy areas are used for games and group activities. The group atmosphere fostered by the club is really amazing. It feels like everyone is family.


Shawn and Lorne talked about how people can get started, and the types of machines they see at Riverview. Everyone is welcome, and as long as the machine has proper licensing, any machine is welcome as well. They see everything from the newest, most powerful ATV to dirt bikes and 3-wheelers that were picked up on Craigslist for minimal investment.

Riverview is open nearly every day of the year. There are seven other parks like Riverview in Iowa, and some close when it rains or snows. At Riverview in Waterloo, riders are welcome any time.

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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