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Dig Pizza from Some of Waterloo's Best


posted on Thursday, October 13, 2016

We’ve featured some iconic Waterloo pizza places this year. You got to see Basal Pizza before it opened. We took you to lunch at The Other Place (OP). We even shared a secret pizza place with you – The Brown Bottle. But there's still more great pizza to tell you about. So using some recommendations from our viewers, Zay and I got to sample pizza from three places we were told had the best pizza in Waterloo.

Blog Pizza Episode 23

Mama Nick’s Circle Pizzeria is an historic Waterloo business, serving great pizza for more than 50 years. It has been in its current location since 1970, growing and expanding several times over the years. The secret spices and seasoning are still used today, and they make a fantastic pizza. The crust is a hand-tossed style and it makes for an awesome pie. Zay and I both liked that the pepperoni was on top of the cheese. Mama Nick’s delivers throughout much of Waterloo and the surrounding communities, and they also feature and All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Tuesday through Friday and also Sunday at lunchtime. The pizza is great and the chicken is equally as good!

Blog Restaurant Episode 23

Damon’s is a sports bar and grill located in the Kimball Ridge area. Damon’s is a relatively small, but very inviting place to grab a bite to eat and watch a game. The food at Damon’s is outstanding, plus they have a variety of menu options. When we interviewed Mayor Hart earlier in the year, he didn’t want to play favorites when I asked him his favorite pizza place, but Damon’s was certainly on the list. I can see why. They use TONS of cheese and both Zay and I loved that the pizza was cut into square pieces. Zay thought it felt like a party. I liked it so much I got one for my family the next night.

Blog Menu Episode 23

Z’s Restaurant & Lounge is located on Airline Highway. They feature daily specials like goulash, ham salad sandwiches, chicken and biscuits, and of course great pizza. Zay’s dad was one of the most vocal proponents of Z’s and both of us found out why. The crust was halfway between the thicker Mama Nick’s and the thinner Damon’s, and there was a nearly perfect balance of sauce, toppings and cheese. 

Mama Nick’s, because of its history in Waterloo, is one of the most recognizable pizza places in town. The other two we checked out may not have the history, but they know how to make a great pizza. It would be worth your time to check out any of the three we featured next time you’re headed out or want to bring a pizza home. Also, given that Zay and I obviously enjoy pizza, we’d love to hear other great options. Share your recommendations on our Facebook page and help me figure out where to have lunch.

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Damon's Sports Bar & Grill, Mama Nick's Circle Pizzeria, Z's Restaurant & Lounge.

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