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Dig What's Cookin' at Rodney's Kitchen in Waterloo


posted on Thursday, March 2, 2017

We had been hearing some great things about Rodney’s Kitchen from folks in Waterloo. The reports were from those who walked up and ordered food and from those who had Rodney cater events for them. So of course we had to stop by and find out more. The only thing that is potentially disputable from what we’d been hearing was the reports were not glowing enough. Rodney makes some amazing food!

Rodney Lewis grew up in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and learned to cook from his mother and from chefs who visited each year. He was able to pick up tricks of the trade and found that he loved cooking. He attended chef school in Pennsylvania, moved to Texas, and ultimately was invited by family to move to Waterloo, where he’s attracted great attention very quickly.

Blog Rodney & Aaron Episode 33

Rodney’s Kitchen is a walk-up service window. You order and pay through that window, Rodney prepares your food, and serves you through the window. It is the food truck concept, without the mobility. The kitchen is incredibly small, and it is amazing to watch Rodney prepare larger orders in a space that isn’t much bigger than most home kitchens. He makes great use of space and his cooking equipment preparing great food including burgers, fried catfish and wings. We had the opportunity to try the Brisket Burger and the Philly Burger along with fries. The burgers were as good as you’re going to find anywhere, and Rodney uses a special seasoning he created on the fries, and they’re unbelievable as well. We got to see him prepare the Chicken Philly and the Footlong Polish as well, and they looked equally as good.

Blog Brisket Burgers Episode 33

Rodney’s is open Monday through Saturday and he now offers delivery, which he announced right after we filmed our interviews. Rodney is exploring new locations to open an additional restaurant in Waterloo. You’ll have to stay tuned to Facebook (his and ours), and our website to find out more. One additional tip is to bring cash. Rodney’s Kitchen doesn’t accept credit/debit cards. But if you don’t have cash on you, there’s an ATM around the corner and by the time you’re back, your food will be ready. Enjoy!

Rodney's Kitchen & Catering
437 Sullivan Ave
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
(319) 830-7145

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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