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Travel Waterloo: Episode 34 Recap


posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zay & StacySo you may be asking yourself, what’s this World’s Greatest Spring Break for Kids thing? Why should we participate?

The World’s Greatest Spring Break for Kids was created by the R.J. McElroy Trust seven years ago to celebrate the wonderful attractions and activities for kids within a one-mile radius in downtown Waterloo. It was also created to provide fun, educational and affordable activities for area kids during Spring Break. Thousands of kids and families participate each year and many visitors have returned to celebrate every year. 

Here are six GREAT reasons to participate:

  1. $1 admission! For just a buck, a kid and their accompanying adult can experience great activities and attractions. 
  2. It's educational. From hands-on science activities to a history lesson to world cultures to live theatre performances, participants get a well-rounded cultural experience that keeps their brains engaged.
  3. This is a great kick-off to the 50th Anniversary of the Waterloo Center for the Arts. As a celebration of that historic anniversary, admission is just $0.50 at the Phelps Youth Pavilion!
  4. It keeps kids active. Swimming and ice skating sessions are available at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex and Young Arena.
  5. Free books! The Waterloo Public Library, with support from the R.J. McElroy Trust will be giving away 1,000 books. Books are available for different reading levels and in both English and Spanish. 
  6. The rest of downtown! Why not spend the entire day (or multiple days) in downtown Waterloo? Grab breakfast before you go, or lunch during your visit. Do some shopping.  Take some pictures. Ride your bike on the trails. Be a tourist in your own back yard.

WGSBFK LogoZay mentioned in the episode that 14,000 people visited last year. Don’t let that scare you away.  With nine sites and an entire week, you’ll be able to get the full experience everywhere you go. Join those 14,000 and have the World’s Greatest Spring Break for Kids. I bet you adults will have a blast, too!

Follow the hashtag #IDigWaterloo for photos, videos, and travel inspiration.

- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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