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Travel Waterloo: Episode 35 Recap


posted on Thursday, March 24, 2016

It was a real honor…and a blast…to spend some time with Mayor Quentin Hart as we filmed this week’s episode of Travel Waterloo. A lot has been written about Mayor Hart after his election in December, but we wanted to get a different perspective and maybe show a side of him that the public doesn’t see when they open their newspaper or turn on their television and see him in an official capacity.

Mayor at SportsPlexMayor Hart is a Waterloo guy through and through. He loves this community and said several times that he “gets” to go to work representing Waterloo. Something we didn’t get to show in the episode is his desire to make Waterloo an even greater place for the next generation. He loves going to schools to talk to students. He shot baskets with some young men at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex. He wants to be accessible to everyone and makes it a point to let kids know they’re important citizens.

Mayor Hart loves pizza. I tried to put him on the spot and ask him where his favorite pizza place in Waterloo is, but as I would have done myself, he gave a very PC answer and named several great places, including Mama Nick’s, The OP and Damon’s. Each has its own specialty and his favorite depends a great deal on how he feels. 

Mayor at Golf CourseMayor Hart also loves to golf. We saw that in the episode to an extent, but our conversation at Gates Park and while using the golf simulator at the SportsPlex was extensive. He even gave me some pointers as we were hitting. You may see him in a future episode of Travel Waterloo as we talk about the great golf options in our community.

Mayor at HyVeeI’ve known Mayor Hart for a number of years and I know he loves Waterloo. What was fun for me to hear was his excitement about everything related to Waterloo. Yes, there are a number of very exciting developments happening, and he’s looking forward to bigger and more. But he’s also very excited to talk to people about their concerns. His conversations at HyVee were a perfect example. He wants to hear from citizens and work together for the betterment of Waterloo.

Oh, and you won’t spend time with me or Mayor Hart and go hungry. Between popcorn, cookies and Twizzlers we were snacked out. 

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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