We Are Waterloo Retail

We Are Waterloo Retail

We Are Waterloo

The hospitality industry, those who add a bit of flavor to our community, has been especially hard hit by this unprecedented crisis. In these uncertain times, we must all remember to be supportive of one another, to be diligent with our health and be safe. It is with that sentiment that we have compiled this list of Waterloo retailers that have a gift-card promotion as they strive to make it through these difficult times.

Please purchase a gift-card from these establishments and share that you helped by using the hashtag #WeAreWaterloo in a social media post about your favorite local shop.

B.B. Boutique Beau Monde Boutique & Salon
Clothes & Cosmetics Spa and Salon
Phone: (319) 493-1818 Phone: (319) 233-8900
https://bit.ly/2wWTftm https://bit.ly/2JAiogk
Epic Finds House of Eden
Mid Mod Furniture & Home Decor Salon
Phone: (319) 290-9771 Phone: (319) 830-5037
https://www.facebook.com/epicfindsiowa/ https://bit.ly/2JB15vy
Petersen & Tietz Waterloo Bicycle Works
Florist & Greenhouse Bike Sales & Repair
Phone: (319) 234-6883 Phone: 319-830-5631
https://www.facebook.com/PetersenandTietz/ https://bit.ly/3aCcNli

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